Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation Management

Start date: 21 October 2021

Duration: 12 Weeks

Location: Online

Certificate: Professional Diploma

Cost: €750 / RRP 1500

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

UCD Professional Academy courses provide you with the skills you need to continue your professional development alongside like minded professionals. They’ve been created by experts who all have real-world experience in their chosen subject.

With the rise in remote business interactions, organisations are examining how they can meet the expectations of both clients and employees in a sustainable way. Accelerated digital adoption has changed the global business landscape, offering organisations with a clear strategy the opportunity to become leaner, faster, and more profitable.

On this highly interactive programme, you will learn the key concepts of digitalisation and how management and decision-makers can lead the transformation process. You will examine what areas of a business can be improved by the implementation of a digital business strategy and what strategic tools can help you achieve your commercial objectives.

You will also study important areas such as customer experience, looking at how to use digitalisation in modern market channels to optimise touchpoints. Remodelling operations, adopting new competencies, and staying ahead of the competition through continued innovation will be crucial as organisations prepare for a more digital future.

Learning outcomes

Discover transformational thinking and tactics that you will be able to apply directly to your organisation. Learn how to survive and thrive in the digital era, targeting demand, growth, and new business models. Whether your main goals are to increase profitability, broaden your markets, improve customer experiences, strengthen your teams, or simply adapt to better withstand external threats, this course will give you the insights and knowledge to achieve them.

Who is the course for

This course is open to anyone with an interest in digital transformation, and doesn’t require any prior experience or qualifications. The purpose of this diploma is to provide you with the tactics and insights needed to apply digital strategic thinking to your organisation. You may be a manager, business owner, entrepreneur, or other decision-maker within an organisation.

With UCD Professional Academy’s flexible online timetable you will be able to fit gaining career-boosting qualifications into your busy schedule.

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