Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Start date: 21 October 2021

Duration: 10 Weeks

Location: Online

Certificate: Professional Diploma

Cost: €750 / RRP 1700

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

UCD Professional Academy courses provide you with the skills you need to continue your professional development alongside like minded professionals. They’ve been created by experts who all have real-world experience in their chosen subject.

This Professional Diploma, accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute, will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to become a smart and capable player on the digital stage.

You will learn to design, build, manage, and measure effective digital marketing campaigns that meet business objectives. You will learn the use of channels such as social media, paid search, organic reach, and PR, while developing skills in content creation, content distribution, engagement, optimisation, using video, and email marketing.

This engaging and practical programme includes the use of case studies and video in the course content. You’ll also be encouraged to take part in group discussions and exercises as part of a lively, hands-on learning experience.

Learning outcomes

Learn to find the right audiences as you engage your community and build your brand across digital channels. Drive valuable traffic to websites with search engine optimisation techniques and advertising campaigns, then convert them using proven tactics. Form long-term relationships with audiences with high-return activities such as email marketing. Discover how to measure, analyse, and optimise your campaigns as you drive successful, cohesive digital marketing strategies.

Who is the course for

This course is open to anyone with an interest in digital marketing, and doesn’t require any prior experience or qualifications. The purpose of this Professional Diploma is to provide you with the tools and insights you need to kickstart your digital career. You may be a business owner or entrepreneur, marketing professional, recent graduate, going for a promotion, or looking for a career change.With UCD Professional Academy’s flexible online timetable you will be able to fit gaining career-boosting qualifications into your busy schedule.

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