ILM Certificate in Leadership and Management

Start date: 18 August 2019

Duration: 8 days

Location: Various

Certificate: Level 5

Cost: €1,300 per unit plus registration fees

Course code: NA

Programme overview

This high quality ILM course is ideal in enhancing your understanding and knowledge in management and leadership. Covering a selection of subject area, it will help you to achieve the level of knowledge and expertise necessary to a middle-senior management and leadership position. It will take you on a journey of developing a wide range of management and leadership skills. The course will encourage you to explore your own effective communication and interpersonal skills, time management and solution focused thinking along with a lot more. All while also reflecting on your existing characteristics, skill-set and leadership style.

Learning outcomes

Learner will be able to encourage strategic thinking at this level of Management, to foster business improvement.

Who is the course for

Whether you are already working in management or seeking your first role within a senior front-line position, the ILM Certificate will provide you with a valuable qualification from which you can continue to build on your first line management experience and knowledge.

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