IATA Dangerous Goods by Air Course

Start date: 28 September 2020

Duration: 3 Days

Location: TBC

Certificate: IAA approved IATA Dangerous Goods Certificate

Cost: €680 per person- please contact in relation to funding

Programme overview

Under international, European, UK and Irish legislation all persons involved in the transportation of cargo by air and road must be trained to the level appropriate to their duties and responsibilities. If staffs are not adequately trained you are in breach of current regulations and could receive substantial fines for non-compliance. Properly Packed, Properly Labelled, Properly Marked, Properly Documented and Properly Handled Dangerous Goods should reach the consignee in good condition. The International Air Transport Association places a number of responsibilities on all those involved in consigning and transporting Dangerous Goods by Air. It is a legal requirement that those involved attend and pass an approved training course in order to be aware of the various regulations and requirements.
This 3 day course is delivered by our accredited trainer who is highly experienced in all Dangerous Goods regulations including ICAO and IATA.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this training participants will be able to:

  • Apply the Dangerous Goods Regulations correctly and understand the legal aspect involved
  • Understand that certain Articles and substances are forbidden for transport by air and identify goods that are permitted as cargo only or exceted from the regulations in all or in part.
  • Differentiate between the Shipper’s and the Operator’s responsibilities and identify ones’s own responsibilities.
  • Recognise and classify articles and substances, which have dangerous characteristics.
  • Identiify the requirements of the Dangerous Goods List including State and Operator variations.
  • Select proper package for Dangerous Goods and understand the requirements of the packing instructions for outer packaging.
  • Properly Mark and Label packages and check the accuracy of same.
  • Correctly complete the necessary Transport Document(Shipper’s Dangerous Goods Declaration or DGD), check the accuracy of the information appearing on same and complete the Airway bill details.
  • Offer properly prepared Dangerous Goods consignments for air transport and understand and apply the operator,s acceptance procedures.

Who is the course for

This internationally recognised course, designed for the traffic and operations staff consignors and air cargo agents, is also applicable to shipping department staff of manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and exporters; staff of cargo agents, airlines and manufacturers.

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