Midland Border East Skillnet “ReBound Initiative” to support business and Creche owners implement Return to Work Safely protocol

Every workplace has Needed to adjust as they re-open and are faced with introducing practical changes necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The ReBound initiative will upskill business owners and managers to ensure they are well equipped to take on this challenge.

The scheme is available to over 3,500 Irish Childcare & Creche providers throughout Ireland. Irish enterprises are encouraged to register for the initiative through the Skillnet Ireland ReBound website available at www.rebound.ie

Programme Detail:

The COVID-19 outbreak has posed a serious challenge to childcare service owners, who need realistic solutions for a safe reopening that support quality experiences for children and safety for staff and which also takes into account the long-term sustainability of this vital sector. Radical changes will be required to fundamentally and positively change the childcare system on a permanent basis.

A partnership of four regional Skillnet Learning Networks, in conjunction with Early Childhood Ireland, have developed a free online training portal for owners, managers and staff of early years and school age childcare services, the first online training portal of its kind for the 3,500 childcare services nationwide. The training addresses the measures needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace and will support the safe and sustainable re-opening of the sector.

This is a highly innovative online programme covering two vital areas: Return to Work Safely training, as well as an online Compliance Programme to maintain and develop skills of existing staff and support the induction of new staff. The training will address key challenges relating to:

  1. Return to Work Safely Protocols
  2. Hygiene & cleaning procedures
  3. Social distancing in practice
  4. Signage
  5. Risk Assessment
  6. Workplace policies
  7. Resilience training
“The impact of Midland Border East Skillnet’s Rebound Initiative on our sector has been both immediate and immense. The partnership has been invaluable to our members in ensuring that they can return to work in a safe and confident way, allowing them to focus on providing safe, amazing experiences for young children.”

Elaine Sharkey, Director of Communications & Development, Early Childhood Ireland

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